How to Brush Teeth With Dentures

By Alicia Bodine

It is important to clean your dentures daily, just as you would your regular teeth, to keep them looking good. Brushing your dentures and removing food pieces will help your dentures last longer, saving you money. There are a few differences between brushing your regular teeth and your dentures, so be sure you know exactly what to do.

Invest in a denture brush. Just like real teeth need a tooth brush, dentures need a denture brush. Purchase one online at AmeriMark (see Resources below) or call (877) 268-9594 to order one.

Fill your bathroom sink at least half way full of water. Dentures break easily if they are dropped. Filling a sink with water can protect them in the event that you drop them while you are cleaning them.

Rinse your dentures off and get out any large pieces of food that might be on the dentures. Do this with warm water and your fingers. This is just a simple step taken before you get out your brush.

Add denture paste to your denture brush. Never use real toothpaste as this is damaging to dentures. (Expect to pay more for denture cleaning paste than you would for toothpaste.) Make sure your denture brush is wet before you add the cleaning paste.

Brush all areas of the dentures with the brush. Do this softly to protect the dentures. Once you have completely brushed the dentures, rinse them under warm water. Use your fingers to get all the paste off.

Fill a cup with water and add a denture cleanser. Add your dentures and allow them to soak overnight.

Clean your mouth before inserting your dentures. Use a regular toothbrush or one of the toothbrushes that come with a tongue brush. Clean your tongue, sides of your mouth, and gums with your toothbrush and a little toothpaste. Just cleaning your dentures will not get rid of any germs that may be in your mouth.