How to Build a Clam Rake

By Catherine Paitsel
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Clam rakes resemble garden rakes, except the tines are longer and the handle is shorter. Most clam rakes have a basket attached to the rake to hold the clams after removing them from the sand. Clam fishermen drag the rake through the sand until they feel clam shells, then dig the rake in deeper and pull it upward. You can rent or purchase a clam rake online or at an ocean fishing supply store. But you can also make your own rake with a garden rake and metal basket.

Put on safety glasses and work gloves. Cut the base of the rake off with the saw. Cut only the metal, do not cut through the wood of the saw handle. Try to leave an equal amount of excess metal on both the handle and the rake.

Prepare the metal basket by removing any handles or other extremities with pliers and wire cutters. Clean the wire basket and the metal rake parts with steel wool to prepare for soldering.

Lay the wire basket upside down on your work table. Position the handle of the rake to the center of the widest side of the basket. Wire the pieces together with solder and attach with the soldering gun. Use wire snips and pliers to manipulate the solder wire. Always use caution when using the soldering gun.

Allow the solder time to cool then tie the metal basket to the rake handle with leather rope for extra support and strength. Cut off the excess with leather scissors.

Line up the rake to the other edge of the basket with tines facing outward as if they were a continuation of the basket. Tie the rake to the other end of the metal basket using solder wire. Cut excess wire away with the pliers. Solder the pieces together with the gun then let cool. Tie several knots with the leather rope to secure.

Finish the rake by soldering any loose spots and cutting off any excess wire or leather rope. Clean all metal areas with steel wool.

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