How to Build a Pyramid for a School Project

By Courtney Clark
Thomas Hooke/Demand Media

Cultures throughout much of history built pyramids. Because of this, most children learn about pyramids several times over the course of their school years. A popular school project is for students to make model pyramids of their own. Making a realistic pyramid model for a class project can be easy and inexpensive.

Step 1

Thomas Hooke/Demand Media

Cut out four triangular cardboard pieces that are each 8 inches wide at the base and 12 inches tall. Hot-glue the sides of all four triangles together to form a pyramid shape.

Step 2

Thomas Hooke/Demand Media

Cut out a piece of cardboard that's 14 inches square. Hot-glue the bottom of the pyramid into the middle of this cardboard piece.

Step 3

Thomas Hooke/Demand Media

Draw several vertical and horizontal lines on each side of the pyramid with a dark brown or black permanent marker to imitate the appearance of bricks.

Step 4

Thomas Hooke/Demand Media

Drizzle glue over the pyramid and the base. Use a butter knife (or your fingers if you don't mind getting messy) to spread the glue into an even layer over each surface.

Step 5

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Pour sand over the pyramid and the base while the glue is still wet.

About the Author

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