How to Calculate a Cumulative Grade Point Average

By Robin Hewitt
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An integral part of college, scholarship or grant applications, cumulative grade-point average is required information for college entrance and monetary awards. Students in the process of filling out endless college applications may be confused about how to calculate their own grade-point average. The information needed is in a student's school transcripts and the formula for calculation was learned in basic math.

Step 1

Locate your ending grade for each class in your transcripts, taking care to include every class that you completed in each year of high school or college.

Step 2

Assign each letter grade a corresponding number: For example: a failing grade equals zero; D equals 1, C equals 2, B equals 3, and an A equals 4.

Step 3

Add the ending grade numbers together, making a note of the total.

Step 4

Count the total number of classes taken.

Step 5

Divide the total of all grades by the number of classes taken. This number is the cumulative grade-point average.

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