How to Calculate Dollars Per Square Foot

By Chance E. Gartneer; Updated April 24, 2017

Whether you are renting office space for your new business or purchasing land to build your dream house, the price of the area by the square foot can help you decide. The price of an individual square foot of an area is a unit price of the area that helps to determine its value. Calculating the dollar amount per square foot aids in the estimation of the quantity and quality of the area.

Find the measurements of the area. For example, the area is a rectangle with a length of 100 feet and a width of 60 feet. Click on the link (see Resources) for formulas of other common areas.

Multiply the dimensions of the area together to find its square footage. For this example, 100 feet multiplied with 60 feet equals 6,000 square feet.

Divide the price of the area by its square footage. For this example, the price for the area is $12,000. Dividing $12,000 by 6,000 square feet results in $2 per square foot.


Visit the Online Conversion Area Conversion site (see Resources) to convert other measurements to square feet.

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