How to Calculate Perimeter

By Sari Hardyal
Calculating Perimeter

Calculating perimeter is a fairly easy mathematical Endeavour. It is also extremely useful in various life situations, such as calculating the amount of fencing needed to enclose a yard.Perimeter is the length or distance required to go from one set point around the outside of an object in a flat plane, and back to the original point. This distance is usually found by using either addition or, in some cases, multiplication.

How to Calculate the Perimeter

Find the lengths of the sides of the polygon or other straight-sided object.

Add all these lengths together to get a final total number (make sure the units are the same in each measurement). If all the lengths are the same, you can find the perimeter more easily by using the formula P=nL, where P is the perimeter you are looking for, n is the number of sides in the polygon, and L is the length of one of those sides.

Once you have calculated your answer, double check to make sure you started and ended at the same point on the figure, so you included all lengths. Double check that you make sure all units are the same throughout the calculation. Write down final number--that's your perimeter length!

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