How to Calculate Sq. Ft to Sq. Yds

By Chance E. Gartneer

If you are caught at the home improvement store, intimidated by flooring measured in square yards and you are armed only with dimensions in square footage, you won't have to run home to measure again. Conversion between square feet and square yards is almost as simple as feet to yards, which is a 3-to-1 ratio. When calculating square yards from square feet, the 1/3 difference between the two units is squared as well.

Find the measurements of the area in feet. For this example, the area's shape is a square with sides measuring 30 feet.

Find the area in square footage with the measurements and area formula for the particular shape. For this example, a square's area is length of one side multiplied to itself. The length of 30 feet squared results in 900 square feet.

Divide the area's square footage by 9 to convert to square yards. For example, 900 square feet divided by 9 converts to 100 square yards.

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