How to Care for Orphaned Fox Pups

By eHow Hobbies, Games & Toys Editor

Homeowners that live near the woods can frequently find fox pups, or kits, in the front yard. If you're one of those people, wait for a while. The pup may not be orphaned. The best chance a fox pup has is with its mother. However, if you're certain that the pup is orphaned, you can help her.

Take the pup to the vet immediately if there are signs she's ill. There may be signs of ticks, parasites or even maggots on the young animal. This pup needs immediate attention.

Contact a wildlife rehabilitator or exotic pet veterinarian as soon as is feasible. Fox pups need special attention. They're wild animals that will do best when raised to return to the wild. Wildlife International or your state's website should have links to approved local rehabbers.

Rehydrate the orphaned fox pup while you're waiting for the wildlife rehabilitator to take over. Don't give the pup anything for the first 24 hours, except room temperature or slightly warmer Pedialyte. Use an eyedropper for very young pups and a pet baby bottle for older ones. Lay the pup on his stomach or hold him upright when you are feeding him.

Stop feeding the pup one drop at a time, when you can feel the stomach full, but not tight.

Rub the fox pup's tummy with a warm damp cloth to encourage it to go to the bathroom. As a surrogate mother, this is one of the jobs that you have taken over.

Feed the pup every 3 to 4 hours both during the day and the night.

Keep the pup in a warm secluded spot. Put a small container for the pup to hide in, inside an open box. Keeping the pup warm and hydrated are the most important parts of the first days.