Cheap Ways to Feed Deer

By Josh Infiesto; Updated April 24, 2017
Feed your local deer herd with protein-enriched pellets.

White tail deer are common across the United States, and feeding them can be done many different ways at relatively little expense. Deer feeders often are established to make hunting easier. However, some people just like the company of deer and feed them with items you can find at the grocery store.

Clover Plots

If you're a hunter, establishing a clover plot is one of the cheapest ways to feed deer for hunting. Clover primarily is a summer food for deer, but they'll eat it in the spring as well. You'll need at least an acre of land to plant clover on to attract a reasonable number of deer.

Corn Plots

Corn is another cheap food for deer. Unlike clover, corn is a good winter food for deer, so if you're hunting during the winter, you'll want to plant corn for the deer. You'll need about an acre of land to plant and establish a corn plot. Don't plan on eating very much corn if you're using the plot to attract deer.

Deer feed

If you just enjoy the company of deer, you can purchase deer feed at outdoors stores around the country. It's similar to other animal feed. You'll need a trough or some kind of animal feeder to distribute it to deer.

Home Made Deer Feed

If you really feel like treating the deer in your area, purchase some shelled corn and mix it with molasses. You'll also need some kind of animal feeder to distribute this to the deer in your area. Be warned, though, deer will fight over sweetened corn.

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