How to Convert Celsius to Fahrenheit

By Marie Mulrooney
In this formula, C stands for the temperature in degrees Celsius and F represents the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit.
Marie Mulrooney

Despite the Metric Conversion Act of 1975, the United States remains one of very few countries that still uses the Fahrenheit temperature scale. However, scientists everywhere, including in the U.S., work with the Celsius temperature scale. So being able to convert between Celsius and Fahrenheit will come in handy if you're doing science, traveling to another country or conversing with anybody from almost any other country in the world.

Step 1

Marie Mulrooney

Plug the Celsius temperature you are converting from into the formula. For this example, try converting 10 degrees Celsius into Fahrenheit.

Step 2

Marie Mulrooney

Multiply the degrees Celsius by 9.

Step 3

Marie Mulrooney

Divide the result by 5.

Step 4

Marie Mulrooney

Finally, add 32. The result is 50 degrees Fahrenheit.