How to Convert Celsius to Fahrenheit for 5th Grade

By C. Taylor
A thermometer cannot measure BTUs directly.
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Celsius and Fahrenheit are measurements of temperature. Fahrenheit is the most common measurement used in the U.S., but Celsius is the preferred measurement in the rest of the world and in the sciences. Fifth-grade students should understand the relationship between Celsius and Fahrenheit. They should also be able to use a formula to convert a measurement in Celsius to the equivalent measurement in Fahrenheit.

Multiply the Celsius temperature by 9. As an example, the boiling point of water is 100 degrees C. Multiplying this temperature by 9 gives you 900.

Divide this number by 5. In the example, 900 divided by 5, gives you 180.

Add 32 to this number for complete the conversion into Fahrenheit. In the example, 180 plus 32 gives you 212; the boiling point of water in Fahrenheit is 212 degrees.