How to Convert Feet Into Miles

By Education Editor; Updated April 24, 2017
Meters and miles can be converted to feet.

How to Convert Feet Into Miles. Whether you're doing homework, running or measuring, being able to convert feet to miles can be useful. Use the following steps to make the calculation with ease.

Obtain a calculator to help you with the conversion of feet to miles. This is not a difficult calculation, but a calculator will make it much easier.

Determine what you want to convert from feet to miles. Determine the distance of the length in feet.

Multiply the number of feet, for the distance that needs to be converted to miles, by 0.000189393939.

Look at the answer and determine if it appears like a reasonable conversion. If it doesn't, check the math to make sure the feet to miles conversion is correct.


One foot equals 0.000189393939 miles, and one mile equals 5,280 feet. If you want to convert miles into feet, multiply the mile length by 5,280 to get the distance in feet. For distances of feet, like 10, 100 and 1000, the decimal in .0001893939 can be scooted over. For example, 10 feet equals .001893939, 100 feet equals .01893939 and 1000 feet equals .1893939. There are many online converters that make converting distances like feet and miles easy. The number of feet is simply typed in, and the website will automatically convert the distance to miles.


Check the math when doing any type of conversion. If using an online calculator, re-enter all of the information a second time to make sure that the conversion was done with the correct numbers. If you get the same answer twice, you can be fairly certain your numbers are right.