How to Convert Inch-Pounds to Foot-Pounds

By Kathryn Hatter
Close-up of torque on screw
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Torque is a combination of perpendicular distance and force that rotates an object. In a simple example, using a wrench to turn a wing nut applies torque to the nut, which tightens or loosens the nut. A torque wrench measures torque by foot-pounds and foot-inches, to ensure that you apply the correct amount of torque to a bolt. To convert inch-pounds to foot-pounds, learn the formula and then perform the equation.

Step 1

Find the inch-pound requirement of the bolt. For example, a bolt may have a tightening torque of 35 inch-pounds.

Step 2

Divide inch-pounds by 12 to find the foot-pounds. Using the same example, 35 / 12 = 2.91 foot-pounds.

Step 3

Perform the conversion a second time to double-check and ensure accuracy. You can also multiply 35 by 0.0833 to get the same result.

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