How to Convert Megabits to Megabytes

By Nicholas Smith
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When accessing data on a computer, each file you access has a measurable file size. The most common measurements for data stored on your computer, such as pictures and music files, are units of "megabytes" (MB). Megabits (Mb) are significantly smaller units than megabytes. Periodically, you may need to convert units of megabits into units of megabytes. You can convert these measurements using a simple formula.

Review the conversion ration between a megabit and a megabyte. One megabit is equal to 0.125 megabytes. (1Mbit = 0.125 MB.)

Replace the number of megabits in the formula. For example, replace 1 Mbit for 100 Mbits if you are dealing with 100 megabits.

Multiple the number of megabits by 0.125. So, 100 Mbits X 0.125 MB = 12.5 MB. Therefore, 100 MBits is equal to 12.5 MB.

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