How to Convert Milliliters to Grams

By Maggie McCormick
Dermine how many grams a liquid weighs.

If you have a certain amount of a liquid, you may wonder how much it weighs. You can determine this without a scale by converting the milliliters to grams. It's important to note that different liquids will have different weights because some are more dense than others. Because of this, there is no standard multiplier for the milliliter to gram conversion. Rather, each liquid will have its own conversion based on its density.

Look up the density of the liquid that you have. Each material has its own density, which is a measure how how tightly packed together something is. You calculate it by measuring the mass per milliliter. You can use a density chart to find the density of your liquid.

Determine how many milliliters you have. Look at the measurements on the glass to find this number.

Multiply the density by the number of milliliters you have. Since the density is represented by grams per milliliter and you are multiplying by a milliliter, the milliliters cancel out and you are left with only the grams.

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