How to Convert One-Quarter to a Decimal

By Bryan Keythman; Updated April 24, 2017
One-quarter is equivalent to 1/4.

Fractions and decimals are two different ways of writing a portion of a number. You can write any fraction as a decimal and vice versa. You can write the term “one-quarter” as a fraction with numbers and convert it to its equivalent decimal. One-quarter is another way to say one-fourth. If you divide an object into quarters or fourths, such as a dollar into quarter dollars, it’s the same as dividing it into four equal parts. If you have one-quarter of an object, you have one of its four equal parts.

Write the first part of the term “one-quarter” that’s before the hyphen as a number in the numerator of a fraction over the fraction bar. For example, write “1/” as the numerator for the portion “one” that’s before the hyphen.

Write the second part of the term that’s after the hyphen as a number in the denominator of the fraction to designate the number of equal parts the fraction represents. For example, “quarter” is the second part of the term after the hyphen, and a quarter represents four equal parts. So write “4” as the denominator in the fraction. This equals 1/4.

Divide the fraction’s numerator by the denominator to convert the fraction to a decimal. For example, divide 1 by 4. This equals 0.25, which is one-quarter converted to a decimal.


You can apply these steps to convert any fraction written in words, such as three-fourths or five-sevenths, to a decimal.