Cozy Shade Covers for Fluorescent Lights in Schools

By Tammie Painter
Fluorescent lights give off a harsh light that bothers some people.

Fluorescent lights in most schools create a harsh glare and unpleasant hues. Covering the light with a thin, colored piece of material warms the room and makes a better work and learning environment for adults and children who are sensitive to the brightness of fluorescent lights. One product specifically designed for use in the classroom is Cozy Shade light covers.

Use of Cozy Shades

A Cozy Shade is a thin piece of light-filtering material that uses magnets. Small magnets attach the material to the metal framework around a fluorescent light fixture. The shades do not fit tightly to the light, but instead loop loosely over the light cover. The product is now difficult to find.

Opinions of Cozy Shades

From reviews on the School Health Corporation website, people who used Cozy Shades found they were soothing and calmed special needs students. The reviews express a wish that the product were still available for purchase.

Cozy Shade Concerns

Worries over the shades being a fire hazard led to the manufacturer conducting fire safety tests through the Natrona County Fire District Prevention Office in 2006. The conclusion was that the shades were not a fire hazard, because they failed to ignite when used with fluorescent lights.


Since Cozy Shades are now difficult to find, if you want to achieve the same effect, you may have to make your own. Purchasing light-filtering material, cutting it to size, draping the pieces over your fluorescent lights and holding them in place with magnets achieves the same effect. Tissue paper and plastic wrap are not recommended because of their flammability. Prior to installing any cover over a fluorescent light in a classroom, you should check with your principal about safety concerns.