How to Dispose of Chemical Waste

By Kaycee Whitney
Chemical waste must be disposed of correctly to prevent contamination.
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As industrialization increases and the environment suffers, all action must be taken to dispose of chemical waste safely and in an environmentally-friendly manner. There are different ways to achieve disposal, especially for chemical waste from laboratories, factories and processing plants rather than domestic chemical waste such as used batteries. These encompass incineration, chemical waste recycling, chemical neutralization and land disposal. However, all these methods are heavily regulated, hence you need to contact and get approval from several health and safety boards.

Decide on the method you want to use for the disposal of chemical waste. If you need to dispose of chemical waste on a large scale, consider the use of land disposal.

Call the chemical waste disposal agents in your locality. Look for one that has the approval and certification from the state for safe chemical waste disposal and that follows the law and laid out guidelines for environmental safety.

Start the on-site preparation for chemical waste disposal by separating the chemical waste by type. Different types of chemicals should be disposed of separately, in order to prevent them from reacting with each other and causing unwanted effects.

Store each type of chemical waste in containers: preferably, the containers they first arrived in. Each container must be sealed securely to prevent possibility of leakage. If the waste is in liquid form, then the container should only be filled up to 80 percent to allow for expansion.

Label these containers with regards to the type and amount of chemical waste they hold. These labels must be standard Chemical Waste labels, and the chemicals should be labeled according to the generic name of the components making up the chemical waste. This action is very important and calls for double-checking, because falsely labeled containers are extremely dangerous, leading to accidents and explosions on-site.

Store the containers in a designated storage area far from the daily operations of the plant. This area should have more than one exit leading to the outside. Store containers with the same chemical together, and far from containers holding other chemicals.

Call your designated chemical waste disposal agent to pick up the chemical waste containers and dispose of them according to the letter of the law. The time period for this must not exceed 60 days from the time of accumulation of the chemical waste.

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