How to Draw the Four States of Matter

By Dan Komienski
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The four states of matter are solid, liquid, gas and plasma. Creating a diagram of these states can help visual learners conceptualize what makes each of them unique. The important thing to illustrate when drawing the four states of mater is the way in which the atoms interact. Each drawing should involve many small circles representing atoms.

Draw the solid state by drawing lines in a cube shape connecting the many small circles that represent atoms. The circles should be slightly distant from one another.

Draw the liquid state by drawing small circles close together, within some form of container, for example a beaker or a glass.

Draw the gas state by drawing small circles far apart, to illustrate that nothing is binding them together. Draw arrows going out of the circles in different directions to indicate that the atoms are drifting apart.

Draw the plasma state similar to the gas but without the arrows. Then draw "+" and "-" characters within the circles to illustrate that some of the atoms are ionized.

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