Fun Math Worksheets for Seventh Graders

By Nadia Archuleta
Have students practice the concepts and skills they learn with high-interest math worksheets. Images

Common Core Standards, which are being adopted nationwide, specify four critical areas for seventh grade math instruction. Seventh graders practice manipulating fractions and percents to determine proportional relationships, eventually working their way to statistics and probability. Seventh grade math teachers also introduce them to equations related to geometry and algebra. In order to make practice and learning fun, use creative worksheets that allow students to explore the target mathematical concepts.

Percents and Ratios Worksheets

Seventh graders need to learn how to understand and apply proportional relationships by using them to solve problems in real-world math. Begin with percents, having students start out by doing some basic drills, both with whole numbers and decimals. However, for extra practice, give them worksheets on which they have to estimate the percentage of a shape other shapes inhabit. Ultimately, guide them to using their comprehension of fractions and percents to solve word problems related to ratios. For example, have them calculate how many horses are in a circus if the ratio is 10:7 horses to elephants with 153 total animals.

Fractions Worksheets

Students in seventh grade learn how to work with rational numbers, expressions and linear equations; for this they must understand operations with fractions. Utilize worksheets with activities related to fractions. For instance, introduce a fraction number line on which you eliminate certain fractions. Students analyze the patterns to produce the missing fraction. Similarly, create a fraction-based crossword puzzle: Students must produce correct answers to fraction-based equations to complete the puzzle. Finish up with word problems, again using high-interest topics, as in the following: "If it takes Sydney ninety-six seconds to rollerblade around a quarter-mile rink, how long will it take her to rollerblade four miles?"

Geometry and Algebra Worksheets

In geometry, students construct geometrical figures and describe relationships between them. Let students explore shapes by completing worksheets related to characteristics. For instance, seventh graders may explore the characteristics of solids by cutting out and folding shapes that create cylinders, cones and pyramids and then answering questions that direct them to the characteristics of the shape. Another interactive activity comes in "Cat and Rat" in which students design geometrical mazes that lead a cat to a rat. Since seventh-graders also learn how to use algebraic equations to solve math problems, start them out with the basics, such as the order of operations and solving equations. However, give them puzzle-style worksheets on which they evaluate algebraic expressions by replacing a certain letter with numbers from a given key.

Statistics and Probability Worksheets

Seventh grade teachers must introduce students to the basics of statistics and probability. Begin by having students use given statistics to create graphs and answer statistical questions. Review the counting principle of probability using a worksheet where they calculate the number of possible choices in a given situation. For instance, they could calculate how many possibilities ensue with eight pens in six colors. Have them represent possible outcomes using a tree diagram. Ultimately, lead them to solving word problems targeted to their interests using statistics and probability.

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