How to Get Rid of a Brown Recluse Infestation

By Rodney Southern
The Brown Recluse
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The brown recluse spider is one of the most dangerous spiders in the United States. When you are infested with these spiders, they become even more dangerous because contact with them becomes more likely. Here is how to handle a brown recluse infestation.

How to Rid Yourself of the Brown Recluse

Search the house in the corners and crevices for signs of infestation. The brown recluse is a very difficult spider to eradicate when it has reached the level of infestation. The reason for this is the nature of this spider is to remain hidden. Finding these spiders can be difficult. The first step to getting rid of infestation is to verify the infestation exists.

Search at night with a flashlight to have the best success out in the open. Often, the brown recluse spider will stay hidden throughout the daytime hours, and come out to hunt at night. The female brown recluse rarely leaves the area where her eggs are, so you are not likely to encounter her. The juvenile and male brown recluse go out to hunt at night though. They travel and tend to hang close to walls, in crevices, and in wall to floor junctions. As such, it is a good idea to place glue traps with no ridges along the walls and in the corners. The most effective places to put the traps are behind chairs, under beds, and in hidden areas. These traps can help you to verify the infestation, and kill spiders as you do.

Consider getting professionals to do the job if the infestation is bad. The glue traps are great but work even better if they are in conjunction with pesticides. The single best way to control a brown recluse infestation is to contact your local pest control. They are experienced at removal, and know how to get where the spider lives.

Lay down plenty of glue traps and clean up. If pest control is not an option for whatever reason, there are some things that you can do to help control the spiders. As mentioned, get some glue traps. Also, you can go outside and move any and all clutter from around your home. The brown recluse loves to reside in woodpiles and the like, and if they are located close to your home, then making the move is easy for them. Move all structures of this type away from your home.

Seal up any holes, cracks, or entry points for the spider along the bottom of your home. Often, homes have cracks in the foundations, as well as separation between shingles. These are easy doorways for a spider.

Remove all interior and exterior clutter. Clutter is the single most attractive feature in a home to a spider. This allows for hiding spaces, as well as hunting grounds for the brown recluse. Get rid of the junk throughout your home.

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