How to Keep Birds off the Patio

By Stuart Robertson; Updated April 24, 2017
Owls, which prey upon other birds, will help to scare birds away.

Birds can be a real nuisance if they keep coming back to living and eating areas like a deck. First, the droppings they leave behind are not appealing to look at and can carry disease. Birds may also attract other animals looking to prey upon the birds or to see if the birds have been attracted to some food.

Install a bird feeder somewhere else on your property, away from the patio. This will draw the birds to the feeder, and away from your patio.

Install bird spikes along surfaces on and near to the patio where birds might congregate. Birds like to perch on gutters. Bird spikes, which are strips of spikes, that are installed along the edge of the gutter prevent birds from landing on the gutter.

Install an electronic squawker somewhere in the vicinity of the patio. Electronic squawkers emit several different kinds of animal calls, but the most popular is a predator call that will scare away any birds who hear it.

Somewhere near the patio, install a fake owl statue that is visible in all directions. Birds will see the owl and avoid the area, as an owl preys on other birds.

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