Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) Uses

By Stan Aberdeen

Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) is an easily recycled, versatile thermoplastic. LDPE is formed into thin films for use as grocery bags, food wrapping material, power cable sheathing and worktable coating. Laboratory containers used in chemical research are often made from primarily LDPE.

Work Surface Coating

Tabletops and other work surfaces are sometimes coated with thin films of LDPE in order to bolster corrosion resistance. LDPE does eventually succumb to sunlight and oxygen, but this is offset by its low manufacturing cost.

Grocery Bags

Due to the plastic film's flexibility, non-toxicity and ease of recycling, grocery bags are often made from LDPE.

Food Wrapping

Impermeability to oxygen and moisture make LDPE films ideal for food-wrapping materials.

Cable Sheath

LDPE can be used as corrosion-resistant sheathing for power cables due to its good resistance to environmental elements.

Laboratory Containers

Except for exposure to hydrogenated and aromatic hydrocarbons, laboratory containers and equipment (such as pipettes) made of LDPE are largely resistant to chemical corrosion.

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