How to Make an Animal Cell Model

By eHow Contributor

How to Make an Animal Cell Model. Lectures and textbooks help students learn more about biology and science. However, building models helps students receive hands on training for these lessons. Here are several ways to make animal cell models for science class.

Step 1

Find a picture of an animal cell. Look for a science textbook at a local library or purchase one at a bookstore or education store. Select an animal cell picture that is in color because it's easier to identify animal cell parts.

Step 2

Sketch the model and label possible animal cell parts to build. Plan the construction of the animal cell model and make a list of materials you could use for each cell part.

Step 3

Decide on the size model you're going to make. Keep in mind that a larger model makes it easier to show more parts of the cell.

Step 4

Gather possible materials for the animal cell parts that you'll include on the model. For example, a small round ball could be the nucleus and a larger rubber band could depict cell membrane. Use common household products when you can to save time and money. Be creative in choosing these materials for your cell parts.

Step 5

Start building the model. Document the process if you're building the animal cell model for a science project. Use adhesive glue to make the cell model permanent. Add labels to each animal cell part. Paint the animal cell model in contrasting color to define the different parts.

Step 6

Write a report on the animal cell model you built. Add what each part does in the cell and how you've represented them on your animal cell model.