How to Make Dry Ice for Fog

By braniac; Updated April 24, 2017
Dry Ice

Dry ice can be a very interesting substance. Not only can it be used to cool items in a ice chest for long periods of time it can also be used to create fog because of the extremely low temperature of 100 degrees below the freezing point. The crazy thing about dry ice is that it is very easy to make. Just gather a few items and you will be ready to make your own dry ice for fog or keeping things cold. Just keep in mind you should never touch dry ice or it could cause a chemical burn on your skin.

Dry Ice

Make sure you are well protected. You should wear rubber gloves, goggles and protective clothes that cover your arms. You should never touch dry ice with your bare skin. Dry ice can be very dangerous so you should use extreme caution. Better safe now than sorry later.

Next you will need to cover the tip of your CO2 bottle with the plastic bag. Using your glove covered hand make sure the bag is completely sealed around the nozzle. Make sure you squeeze tight and do not allow the bag to come off the tip while you are filling it.

Next you will need to turn on the nozzle for the CO2 bottle and allow the CO2 to enter the plastic bag for about 10 - 15 seconds. Once the bag is filled to your desired amount turn the CO2 bottle off. Once the CO2 bottle is turned off carefully you can remove the plastic bag from the tip of the CO2 Bottle.

Now you can either store you Dry Ice in the bag until you are ready to use it or place it in a thick glass container. Make sure to allow room for the Carbon gases to escape from the bottle or it will cause it to shatter. To get the dry ice to create a "fog" just add water.