How to Make a Rock Sculpture

By eHow Contributor
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Rock sculptures that seem to defy gravity are easier to create than you may think. Choose rocks in a variety of shapes and sizes, then use a common natural substance to help you balance them in eye-catching ways. Turn the sculpture-making session into a game for kids, who may enjoy the challenge of creating the tallest sculpture or the one using the most rocks.

Step 1

Find a flat rock for your base.

Step 2

Place a pile of sand on the rock.

Step 3

Carefully balance another rock on the sand. This rock can be any shape as long as it has a bit of flat surface on the top.

Step 4

Blow away any sand that remains between the rocks to make it appear as if the rocks are balancing end to end.

Step 5

Continue stacking rocks and sand until the rock sculpture is as tall as you want it.

Step 6

Leave your rock sculpture in a visible public place for passers-by to marvel at.