How to Make a Simple Microscope

By Lindsey Lewandowski; Updated April 24, 2017
Make a Simple Microscope

A microscope is an instrument used for looking at objects that are too small to see with the naked eye. A microscope has a magnifier built in to see things close up and personal. This tool is used in many science studies to view things found in nature. New species are discovered by viewing things closely with a microscope. You can even view a tiny piece of dust found in your home to see what it all contains.

Take out the sleeve of an empty matchbox and use scissors to cut one of the larger sides of the box. Be sure to leave a quarter of an inch edging around the side.

Cut a piece of transparent plastic big enough to cover the entire end of the matchbox.

Tape the plastic to the end of the matchbox to avoid any sliding or moving of the plastic.

Put the sleeve and tray of the matchbox back together, with the object to be viewed on top of the tray. Place a small dab of Vaseline on the plastic.

Drip one drop of water onto the Vaseline and look closely to see a magnifying effect. Focus on the object by moving the sleeve up and down. You can try any small objects lying around your house to view all of the details.


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