The Best Ointments

By Jayden Mathews

All ointments are dermatological preparations, thus for external use only. Majorities of them contain petroleum and come in liquid form or semi-solid form. A wide range of ointments is available in the market. Most ointments are medicinal but do not require a doctor's prescription. Ensure you understand the use of an ointment before application.

Scar Ointments

Scar removal ointments are vitamin E or silicon based. Some contain both ingredients. The use of silicon-based ointment is highly effective in reducing scar visibility. Apply the ointment to the affected area as recommended by a physician or a pharmacist and observe results.

Ointments for Cuts

Getting cuts and abrasions is an everyday occurrence. Having an ointment on hand serves as a remedy. Zinc, vitamin E, cortisone, aquaphor and A&D ointments help heal cuts. Each ointment has a different healing effect and is effective on its own; vitamin E ointments heal the cut and reduce scarring, A&D soothes a cut and cortisone reduces inflammation. Ointments like petroleum jelly allow formation of blood clots stopping the flow of blood. Consult a pharmacist to help you decide on the best ointment.

Antibiotic Ointments

These ointments heal wounds and prevent infection by killing germs. Antibiotic ointments include Neosporin, Dynarex, Bacitracin and Safetec. Check with a doctor or a pharmacist if you have an allergy; if you are pregnant or nursing do not use an antibiotic unless advised by a physician.

Burn Ointments

Use burn ointments on first-degree burns; second-degree burns need to be seen by a doctor. The best burn ointments contain aloe vera and have a moisturizing effect preventing the burnt area from drying and scaring. All burn ointments should contain silver sulfadiazine as a basic ingredient.

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