How to Open a Locker at School

By eHow Contributor

How to Open a Locker at School. When you have a locker at school, learning to open it can be very difficult. If you take too long to open it, it can cause you to be late to class. It's best to learn how to open your locker before you start school so you avoid embarrassing situations. Follow these steps to learn how to open your locker.

Step 1

Memorize your combination. If you forget your combination, you could end up being late for class.

Step 2

Spin the dial on your lock 3 times to clear it out. If somebody turned it before you it will mess you up when you enter in your combination.

Step 3

Turn the dial on your lock to the right until you get to the first number in your combination. Now turn the lock to the left until you pass up the second number in the combination, stop on the number the second time around.

Step 4

Rotate the dial on your lock to the right and stop on the final number in your combination. Pull firmly on your combination lock and remove it from the hole, or if your locker has a built-in lock pull firmly on the handle until your locker opens.

Step 5

Try again if your locker doesn't open the first time. It's possible you may have accidentally stopped on the wrong number, if it doesn't open after several times you should ask for assistance from your school administrator--they may have given you the wrong combination.