How to Find the Percentage of a Test Grade

By Stephanie Lee
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Test scores serve as an effective method for evaluating a student's academic performance as well as playing a substantial role in ranking schools. In the United States, the scores are often categorized in either letters, such as A, B or C, or as a numerical percentage with 100 percent typically being the highest score. Often numbers will be noted at the top of an exam, making it difficult to know whether you scored well or poorly. To convert those numbers into a numerical percentage is a simple process that takes very little time.

Count the number of correct answers on the test and record this number on the top right hand corner of the test for future reference.

Find the total number of questions on the test.

Divide the number of correct answers by the number of total questions.

Calculate the percentage by multiplying the divided answer by 100. The 100 represents percentage points and will convert the answer into the correct percent. Another method to use, once you have the divided answer, is to simply move the decimal points two places to the right to derive the percentage. Typically, 90-100 percent=A, 80-89 percent=B, 70-79 percent=C, 60-69 percent=D and anything below 60 percent is a D grade.

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