How to Put in Fractions on a TI-84 Plus Calculator

By Michael Peter

Fractions are a way to compare the ratio between two numbers and to express parts of a whole. The components of a fraction are the numerator and denominator. Fractions easily convert into decimal form by dividing the numerator by the denominator. The fraction 1/2 converts to .50, for example. Once you learn how to correctly input fractions into a TI-84 calculator, it is capable of processing them.

Press the "ON" button.

Insert the numerator of the fraction into the calculator by pressing the appropriate number. For example, to input the fraction 3/4, press "3."

Press the divide button.

Input the denominator of the fraction by pressing the appropriate number. In the 3/4 example, press "4."

Press the "ENTER" key. The output displays the fraction in decimal form. The fraction 3/4 will appear as 0.75.

Use the "MATH" key followed by the >Frac command to change the outputted decimal number back to fraction form.

About the Author

Michael Peter has been a technical writer since 2006 for a power/start-up company and has published scientific papers in research journals including "Analytical Chemistry" and "Electrochimica Acta." He holds a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering and is currently completing his Ph.D. related to nano/microfludics and spectroscopy.