Reasons to Have Recycling Bins

By Mike Stephen
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Recycling waste is a noble thing to do because it helps conserve the Earth’s resources, but people do not always get around to it. Various initiatives exist that encourage waste recycling in the United States, including provision of recycling bags. However, bins and blue rollout carts have had the greatest impact. Bins are useful in recycling efforts.


Recycling bins are convenient because you can locate them in places that people can easily access. You can position indoor recycling bins in compact spaces such as corners in houses, restaurants, malls and other places. Some recycling bins have a design that allows you to stack them one on top of the other to conserve space. Cities such as Kansas City and Los Angeles practice curbside recycling, which involves providing residents with blue rollout carts that they position outside their houses or businesses for the waste department to deal with. The blue carts have had a significant impact on recycling because lack of in-house storage space was one of the major factors keeping people from recycling.


Unlike recycling bags, bins are handy and easy to use. Recycling bins have handles that allow users to pick them up easily. The handles also ease waste workers' jobs in cities where the waste department does not have fully automated trucks to empty the bins. Rollout recycling carts are spacious and allow users to dispose of more waste at a time. The wheels on the cart also make it easier for users to move them around whenever necessary. Recycling bins have lids that are effective in containing the waste to avoid spilling, and they are also useful in keeping children and animals out.


Bins bring clarity to the recycling process because they are colored, and usually have a mark or a label indicating their purpose. Recycling is a process that requires people to consciously dispose of their waste so that plastics, paper, metal and any other material that can be re-used is properly collected. Therefore, recycling bins create awareness about the need to recycle. The different colors make it easy for users to know where to dispose of different kinds of waste. Some states apply the single-streaming recycling policy with the blue rollout carts. The policy allows users to dispose all kinds of recyclable items in the bin without having to separate them as was done previously.


Recycling bins are durable because they are made of plastic, and do not require much maintenance. An in-house recycling bin only requires the user to wash it every so often and it washes and dries easily. Plastic rollout carts are also ideal because they are normally positioned outside the premises, and have exposure to elements such as heat, rain and snow. The plastic recycling bins are built to withstand the extreme conditions and do not usually crack, break or leak so you can use them for a long period of time.

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