How to Solve Algebraic Equations

By William D. Gardlock
Subtraction, like other mathematical functions, is described by certain basic properties.
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Algebra can be a scary word to some people. The simple fact is, however, that solving algebraic equations is quite simple as long as you know how to add, subtract, multiply and divide.

How to solve Algebraic Equations

First, let's take a look at the equation we want to solve. We want to solve for x. By this, we simply want to get the 'x' alone on one side of the equal sign


The key to solving this and any equation is to use 'reverse operations.' This means to do the opposite. For example, in this equation we would want to add 5 to each side to cancel out the -5. Understand? Not too tough!!


Now that we have rid of the -5, let's get rid of the +10 by subtracting 10 from both sides.


Now that we have subtracted 10 from both sides we want to get rid of the 5 to get 'x' by itself. The '5x' means '5 times x'. The opposite of multiplication is division. We now want to divide both sides by 5 to get 'x' by itself.


We now have our final answer. Use the above steps to complete some of the equations below.

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