How to Stop a Robin From Building a Nest

By Joelle Dedalus
Take preventive measures to avoid sharing your yard with a robin family.

Robins are songbirds that enjoy nesting in leafy trees and shrubs or under the eaves of a house. The birds tend to build their nests 5 to 25 feet off the ground in sheltered areas. While robins are typically harmless, they can become territorial when raising their young. The birds tend to attack if a threat comes near the nest, making them a nuisance. There are a few ways you can discourage the birds from nesting near your home.

Purchase bird repellent at an outdoor store. Sticky bird repellent will not harm the robins, but it will keep them from setting up their home.The birds will be discouraged from landing when the repellent temporarily traps their feet.

Cover surfaces where the robins tend to frequent with sticky repellent. Potential places where the robin might build a nest include tree branches, shrubs, and the flat surfaces of a building.

Reapply the repellent every two weeks. The repellent should be continually applied until breeding season is underway, when there is less risk for robins to build a nest.

Prune trees and shrubs in the backyard that might make potential homes for the robins. The birds like to feel secure, so take away any shelters that might appeal to them. Remove bird feeders from the yard to encourage the birds to move off your land.

Remove old robin nests from your yard only when the baby robins have left the nest. Clean the surface where the nest was resting with warm water and bleach to remove any fleas or insect eggs that may remain.

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