Types of Blue Gemstones

By John Lindell
There are several gemstones that are always blue or contain blue shades.
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There are several gemstones that are always blue or contain blue shades. Some of these gems are birthstones, associated with a certain month of the year and an appropriate gift for those born in that time frame.


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Aquamarine, the birthstone for the month of March, acquired its name from its light blue color. This hard type of a mineral called beryl has a color that resembles seawater and is common in many types of jewelry.


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Sapphires are typically blue but also come in other colors. However, this September birthstone gets its name from the Latin "sapphirus," which in essence means blue.


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Tourmaline comes in a wide selection of colors, including shades of blue. People associate this gem with love and friendship and, according to legend, possesses the ability to calm its wearer.

Blue Topaz

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Blue topaz is such a common gem available in a huge array of shapes and cuts. It is translucent and very hard, with a rating of 8 on the Moh's scale.

Tanzanite and Turquoise

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Tanzanite, discovered in the African nation of Tanzania in the 1960s, is a violet-blue gem. Turquoise is a common blue stone that ranges from opaque to translucent. Both turquoise and tanzanite are December birthstones.

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