3D Moon Phase Projects for Kids

The moon has eight phases.
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Learning about the moon and stars can be a fun activity for you and your children. When you and your kids look into the night sky, you may discuss how the moon changes shape over the course of a month. To help your kids learn about the eight phases of the moon, you can do a 3-D moon phase project together.

Foam Balls

You can create a fun 3-D project on the eight phases of the moon using foam balls. In order to complete this project, you will need eight foam balls of the same size, black paint, paint brushes, a rectangular Styrofoam base, and thick, sturdy wire. Using a moon phase chart as a guide, have your kids paint the portion of the moon that is not visible on each foam ball. Once your foam balls have dried, stick eight 6-inch long pieces of sturdy wire, such as the wire from wire hangers, equally apart on your Styrofoam base, and add each moon in phase order.


You can also create a 3-D moon phase project using a shoebox. For this project you need a shoe box, one foam ball, paint, paint brushes, construction paper, scissors and string. First line your shoe box in black construction paper. Paint one foam ball to resemble the earth. Cut white construction paper in the shape of each moon phase. Hang your earth globe in the center of the box using the string, and each moon phase in a circle around the earth.


You can also use hangers to create a 3-D moon phase project. For this project, you need four wire hangers, eight small foam balls, one large foam ball, paint and string. Attach the wire hangers to create a mobile with each point of the hanger equidistant from each other in a circle. Paint each small foam ball black to indicate the moon phase, and the large foam ball to resemble the earth. After the paint dries, you can hang the earth in the center, and each moon phase in order around the earth.

Crepe Paper

You can also create a simple 3-D moon phase project using crepe paper, construction paper and glue. Using white construction paper, cut out shapes that resemble each moon phase. Glue each phase in order on a piece of black construction paper. To create the 3-D effect, crumple white crepe paper and glue to each phase of the moon.