7th Grade Middle School Science Fair Projects & Experiments

Science fair projects do not have to be complicated.
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Every year middle schools all over the country hold science fairs as a way for students to learn about the scientific method and to show off their scientific skills. Choosing the perfect project can be daunting for parents and students, but this does not have to be the case. There is a wide array of project ideas that could be science fair hits. Most of them require little time or effort and will show just how inventive your child really is.

Making fog

A good science fair project for a seventh-grade student is describing the way fog forms. This can be done with two glass or plastic bottles, two ice cubes and hot and cold water. Pour hot water into one bottle and cold into the other. Top each bottle off with an ice cube and watch the fog form.

Real vs. artificial sweeteners

Another worthwhile project is a comparison of artificial sweeteners to sugar. Some companies that manufacture dietary products claim that people can't tell the difference between the two. Have several people taste two different lemonade drinks, one with real sugar and the other with an artificial sweetener. The only things required are a group of test subjects, two containers of lemonade, paper cups, sugar, artificial sweetener and a notebook to document the findings.

Music and moods

Music is usually a big influence on middle-school kids, and students can make it the basis of a science fair project by testing whether it really can affect people's moods. Collect an array of sad songs and upbeat tunes. Gather a group of people and take note of their moods. Have each subject listen to the songs and record their moods directly after each song is over.

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