8th-Grade Invention Science Project Ideas

Think about problems you face or that you hear others complaining about frequently.
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Every invention is an attempt to improve the world in some way, and this can help you come up with an invention project idea for eighth-grade students. Inventors try to produce new solutions to old problems, improve existing solutions or make good experiences even better. Find invention ideas that your eighth-graders can work on by watching for things in your life or others' lives that need improvement.

Household Chores

Most eighth-graders have to help with chores around the house. This could suggest ideas for labor-saving devices. The chores you like the least are the most fruitful ones to think about for invention inspiration. One approach is to prevent or minimize chores with inventions like unspillable drinks or shedding preventers for pets. Another is to automate or simplify the chores you have to do by inventing tools like a shirt folder or garbage removal conveyor belt.

Organizing Your Life

It may be that the main thing holding you back from reaching your full potential is a lack of organization; you could solve this problem with an invention. If your room is perpetually messy, perhaps you can invent a new storage system or a device that automatically sorts toys, books or office supplies. To address disorganized thinking or scheduling, you could invent a calendar, address book or planning system that helps you track your commitments and follow through on your goals.

Inventions for Animals

Pets are a steady source of companionship, but also a steady source of work. You can find inspiration for your invention by thinking about the problems and chores your pets cause, then trying to find solutions for them. For example, you could create a training snack, a self-cleaning litter box or a bicycle leash. Wild animals are also worth considering for inspiration. You could create a new mousetrap, a raccoon-proof garbage can or a bird feeder that photographs the birds that land on it.

Clothing and Accessories

Clothing goes wherever we go throughout the day, which makes clothes and accessories a useful context for inventions and improvements. One approach is to make clothing that frees your hands, such as a hat that holds your phone to your ear. Another possibility is to invent a backpack that minimizes back strain or perfectly organizes what you carry. Water-resistant or stain-resistant clothes could be another helpful invention, as could convertible clothing that can change with the weather, such as a hoodie with detachable hood and sleeves.

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