Advantages of a Recycle Bin

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Recycling is a morally responsible decision that is easy to organize if you have a recycling bin. If you recycle materials such as bottles and cans, you may be able to exchange them for money at your local recycling center. Recycling can be convenient for you because it can reduce the amount of trash you have to fit into your trash bin or dumpster.

Reduced Trash

Recycling some of your refuse can result in a reduced amount of trash. That means fewer trips to the garbage dumpster and less worrying about whether your trash will fit in the pickup bin on trash day. When you are conscious about what you recycle and what you throw away, you can sift out the recyclables and throw away only the non-recyclable trash.


Recycling reduces the load on our country's landfills by re-using the materials instead of throwing them away. Recycling also reduces our need for mining and processing production to extract materials to replace what doesn't get recycled. The process of mining for materials and turning them into products and packaging, such as milk bottles and soda cans, uses energy and causes heat and air pollution.


You may be able to get money from recyclers in exchange for your recycled material. Bottles, cans, and newspaper can be recycled at your local recycling center. Most recycling centers pay by the pound for recyclable household materials. If you do not have a full-service recycling center in your area, you may be able to find a recycling machine that takes aluminum cans and glass bottles for cash.


A recycle bin can help you organize your refuse for easy disposal at the proper facility. If you have multiple recycle bins, you can even organize your recycling by type for easy processing when it is time to recycle. Most recycling centers require that you separate recyclable materials before they will accept them in exchange for cash. See Resources for a link that will help you find a nearby recycling center.

Moral Reasons

With the growing scarcity of fossil fuel availability, not to mention the pollution caused by not recycling your recyclable trash, it is irresponsible not to have a recycling bin. Many municipal areas have laws requiring citizens to separate their recyclables from their trash, so you may be in violation of the law if you do not recycle. With a recycle bin, your friends, neighbors and casual visitors will know that you are doing your part to keep the environment clean. You will sleep easier at night with the knowledge that you are minimizing your carbon footprint and cleaning up the earth.

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