Access 2TB of Cloud Storage for Less Than $50

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Cloud storage is undoubtedly useful, but many of today's solutions run relatively steep prices for the storage we need. Zoolz Cloud Storage offers a new, smarter way to access cloud storage by providing tiered solutions based on your needs, and now you can access 2TB of lifetime cloud storage for only $49.99.

With a subscription to Zoolz, you get lifetime access to 1TB of Instant Vault cloud storage and 1TB of cold cloud storage. As the name suggests, Instant Vault storage is best used for those files and documents you find yourself often accessing, as you can retrieve them instantly. Meanwhile, Cold Storage is better suited for those files you don't plan on touching for a while, but should you need them; you can retrieve them in 3-5 hours from Zoolz.

Combining flexible storage options with a host of intuitive features, like bandwidth throttling, icon overlay, and file retention, Zoolz offers a smarter way for users to store their data. You can sign up for a lifetime subscription today for $49.99, saving more than 90 percent off the usual retail price.

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