Acute Angles in the Real World

Acute Angles in the Real World
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Geometry is all around, if you take a moment to look. You can find real-world examples of acute angles in many different arenas of everyday life. Commonly, elementary students in grades three through five learn in math class that an acute angle is made of two rays or line segments that intersect at one end point and is smaller than 90 degrees when measured with a protractor.

In the Classroom

There are many examples of acute angles found within the classroom, including the side of a folding easel, a pencil tip, the top of the letter "A" and the number "7." Some examples of student-made art may contain acute triangles with acute angles. The letter "K" and a diamond-shaped kite contain two acute angles, and each tip of a football is an acute triangle.

On the Road

Modern architectural structures contain an acute angles that add interest and varied shapes. A yield sign contains three acute angles and an exit ramp creates an acute angle as it swerves from the highway. Arrows contained in road signs such as "One Way" and "No Right Turn" display an acute angle at its point. Inside the car, the dashboard’s turn signal indicator and the speedometer also create acute angles.

In Your Home

A pair of tweezers, the tip of a Chihuahua ear, salad tongs, a miter box, some houseplant leaves and a pair of open scissors can create an acute angle within your home. The architectural pitch of an A-frame house is an acute angle as is the play, rewind and fast-forward buttons on the DVD remote control. Some flagstone pieces used to create a walkway or driveway contain acute angles, as well.

Community Helpers

A compass, used to by architects and construction workers to draw home plans, can be narrowed to an acute angle. A doctor's stethoscope that doctors use to listen to your heartbeat contains acute angles, and landscape professionals often use hedge shears and tree-trimming tools that open to an acute angle. When company owners sign contractual agreements, the pen is held at an acute angle to the paper.

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