How to Get into Advanced Math in the Sixth Grade

Students that belong in advanced math are often bored in regular or lower-level classes.
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Student with an interest in a career based in math or science usually desire to gain a solid foundation in math at an early age. Advanced math courses in middle school can give such students a strong background in math. Also, some students just enjoy math and desire more of a challenge. Being placed in an advanced math class will give you the opportunity to learn from and compete with like-minded students, increase your confidence and have access to higher educated teachers.

    Review the criteria for gaining admission into an advanced math class. In order to work towards your goal to be in an advanced math class you need to know the appropriate actions to take. Ask a school counselor in the fifth grade about the placement process and speak with advanced-level math teachers about the most prevalent methods used to place students in their courses. In addition to contacting the administration, inquire to sixth grade students in advanced-level classes on how they were able to get into the classes.

    Use every chance possible to showcare your math skills.
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    Demonstrate advanced math skills in the fifth grade. Prove that regular or lower-level math classes are not challenging enough by doing exceptionally well on your math homework, assignments and tests. Your effort must be consistent, therefore turn in all of your homework on time, be enthusiastic in your math classes and express a genuine interest in math. Share your knowledge with others by tutoring younger students after school and assisting students in your classroom. If you begin to struggle in with certain math concepts put in the extra time to study and obtain the necessary help.

    Develop a positive relationship with your teachers. Create an admirable image, behave favorably, demonstrate motivation and participate actively in class. These personality attributes will increase the likelihood that teachers will encourage your endeavors and vouch for your high math ability. Behavioral issues will overshadow your skills in math. Teacher recommendations are often a primary factor for placement in advanced math courses.

    Score well on the end-of-the-year assessments. Standardized testing, end-of-the-year tests and other state-sanctioned exams are used for placing students in classes for the next year. Although this can be a disadvantage for students that are not ideal test takers, it is one of the most uniform, simplest and fairest ways for administration to place students. Practice taking tests throughout the year, learn testing-taking strategies and thoroughly study the math topics in class. Your score on these tests provide solid evidence of your math skills.

    Have a meeting with the appropriate administrators to discuss your plans for next year. Set up an informal meeting with your fifth grade teacher near the end of the year to see if you are on track for getting placed into advanced math next year. Ask your parent to also schedule a meeting with the counselor to see if there are any more requirements that need to be met.


    • Begin the process to get into advanced math as early as possible.


    • Do not let negative peer pressure hinder you from showing your abilities in math.

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