How Do Air Core Transformers Work?



High Voltage Air Core Transformer

Transformers are devices that transport energy from one circuit (path) to another. This is accomplished through two inductive conductors. Transformers in their most basic form contain a primary coil, often referred to as winding, a secondary coil or winding, and an additional core the supports the winding coils. Air core transformers are intended for transporting radio-frequency currents. One example is the electric current energy used to accomplish radio transmission.

How Do Air Core Transformers Work?

Air Core Transformer

Energy is also transported from one circuit to another with air core transformers. With air core transformers, two cable wire-like coils referred to as windings are enfolded onto some form of core substance. In most circumstances, the wire coils are wound onto a rectangular cardboard-like structure which, in fact, the core substance is air resulting in the transformer being referred to as an air core transformer. In addition, with air core transformers, "all" of the current (electrical energy) is considered to be an exciting or electrifying current, and the current stimulates or induces a secondary voltage that is comparative to a mutual inductance or shared stimulation of transported energy. A functioning air core transformer can be created easily by simply placing the windings very close to one another. With many air core transformers the coils are wound on a core substance created with material that has superior magnetic permeability. This high magnetic material within the core substance causes the magnetic field which is induced by the electrical current in the primary to become intensely stronger and therefore increases the effectiveness of the air core transformer. As a result there are no power losses and the ratio of primary voltage to secondary voltage is identical to the ratio of the number of turns within the primary winding coil to the number of turns within the secondary winding coil.

Basic Principles

Air Core Coil

Transformers function according to two principles. One principle is that electrical currents generate or produce magnetic fields which are called electromagnetism. The second principle is that a changing or altering magnetic field inside a coil of wire induces or stimulates a voltage from one end to the other end of the coil. This is referred to as electromagnetism induction. . When the current (electrical energy) passes through into the primary coil, the strength of the magnetic field is also changed. The transformers core has provided a pathway for the magnetic lines of flux, change or fluctuation in electrical energy. The secondary winding coil receives electrical energy from the primary winding coil and therefore delivers the energy into what is called the load. The term "load" is often referred to as the quantity of power used by a circuit. There is also an enclosure mechanism that protects the above components from moisture, dirt and any mechanical harm.

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