How to Find an Angle of a Hexagon

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A hexagon is a shape with six sides. Using the correct equation, you can find the degree of each of the interior angles, or the angles inside the hexagon at the corners. Using a different formula, you can find the exterior angles of the hexagon. This process, however, only works for regular hexagons, or those in which all sides are equal. There is no equation for finding the angles of irregular hexagons.

    Calculate the interior angle, by multiplying 180(n - 2) where “n” is the number of sides -- in this case, six. Multiply 180 and 4 to get the answer. Divide this by the number of angles, which is six. This will give you the measurement in degrees of each angle, which should be 120.

    Calculate the exterior angles, or the angles outside the hexagon, by dividing 360 by “n,” where “n” equals the number of angles. In this case, you should get 60 degrees.

    Check your answers by adding up all the angles. When adding all exterior angles together, you should get 360 degrees. When adding all interior angles together, you should get 720 degrees.


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