What Animals Will Fox Urine Repel?

fox in grass
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The fox is an omnivorous animal. In addition to plant matter, its diet may include several small mammals. Commercially available fox urine can be used to humanely deter or control these species.


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Available in concentrated form, fox urine is a crystalline substance that can be spread as a repellent for species that are natural prey of the fox. When an animal smells the scent of its predator, it will abandon the site.

Potency and Effectiveness

tortoise in grass
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Fox urine lasts two to three weeks after application. Fox urine will not repel animals that are not prey to the fox, such as wolves and tortoises.


Squirrel in grass
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Squirrels may steal seed from bird feeders and disturb gardens. Fox urine can be used at the feeder pole and around the garden perimeter to deter them.


skunk in grass
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The skunk is a scavenger, like the fox. It is attracted to similar food sources, but will stay away when it believes a fox is nearby. In urban areas, skunks commonly forage in household trash and are repelled by fox urine placed near garbage cans.


chipmunk in grass
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Chipmunks consume seeds and plant material. Spreading fox urine around a garden will keep them from destroying the plants.

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