Which Animals Are Woodland Animals?

Many different types of animals live in woodlands
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Wooded areas around the world are full of all kinds of creatures, from the birds that chirp above the tree branches to the tiny chipmunks that burrow holes beneath those same trees. Since woodland spaces are often home to plenty of sunlight and rainfall, they can support incredible amounts of biodiversity. Learning more about woodland animals can help you recognize woodsy animals and environments all across the globe.

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read)

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read)

The list of woodland animals is extensive, and includes creatures like bears, deer, moose, foxes, raccoons, owls, chipmunks, ants and butterflies.

Biodiversity in the Woodlands

The term woodlands usually refers to an in-between area, one that has more trees and shrubbery than grasslands or deserts, but not as many as dense forests or jungles. This allows for a climate that’s not as hostile as a desert, where the hot sun burns down on its inhabitants all day, but one that is still sunnier than a dark forest, where the large amount of trees creates a canopy that makes it difficult for sunlight to penetrate. The healthy amount of sunlight allowed into a woodland area helps support trees that grow food like fruit and nuts. That food serves as nutrients for animals like bears, deer, rodents, squirrels and many types of birds. And while the woodlands do allow in the sun, there is also still enough shade and tree protection to house nocturnal animals like owls and raccoons.

The Woodsy Animals

This mix of sun and shade means that the woodland creatures list is wide and varied. Flying through the air and building nests in trees and shrubs are several types of birds. Common woodland birds include:

  • cardinals
  • woodpeckers
  • blue jays
  • hawks
  • goldfinches
  • owls

Bigger birds that walk on two feet, such as turkeys, can also sometimes be found in woodland areas.

Woodland Animals Decor

A woodland theme is popular in home decor. It’s especially beloved for children’s rooms, where designers can make wallpaper, pillows and stuffed animals emblazoned with the cute faces of animals like foxes, raccoons, deer and owls. In this way, children can recognize and learn about animals that they may have been lucky enough to see right in their own neighborhood.

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