What Is ARCAP Alloy?

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ARCAP alloys are a proprietary group of alloys that do not contain iron and so are not magnetic. They have very high tensile strength and they are resistant to chemical corrosion, low temperatures and temperature changes.


ARCAP alloys contain different combinations of metals like nickel, copper, cobalt, tin, lead and zinc. Depending on the particular alloy, different forms like wires, rods, coils, sheets, plates and tubes are available.


One of the most notable advantages of ARCAP alloys is their resistance to scaling in hard water. ARCAP pipes are less likely to clog. Also, the high tensile strength of ARCAP allows it to be extended or drawn out by up to 45 percent of its length.


ARCAP alloys can be processed in a variety of ways, including machining, forging, drawing, brazing, welding and plating. The alloys have wide applications in automobiles, electronics, telecommunication, medical equipment, watchmaking, medical equipment, aircraft and the aerospace industry.

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