As a Tenth Grader, Should I Double Up on Math to Help Me Become a Vet?

Potential vets can begin preparing for veterinary school by taking math and science classes in high school.
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Tenth grade is not too early to start preparing for veterinary school. In high school, according to Rutgers University, you should take as many science and math courses as possible to get ready for undergraduate studies. Many veterinary schools require you to complete three years of college before applying. Math courses can also prepare you prepare for college admissions tests -- ACT or SAT -- and later the veterinary school-required admissions tests, GRE or MCAT.

Math Course Recommendations

Instead of simply doubling up on math courses in 10th through 12th grade, choose courses that will help you build solid math skills. In college, you will take many math courses in the first couple years -- more than other courses, except perhaps the physical sciences. At most colleges, the core academic courses for all freshmen include algebra and trigonometry, so you can take equivalent courses in high school to prepare for the college-level ones. Further, according to Dartmouth College, college students should also complete statistics and calculus to prepare for the MCAT, so high school statistics, calculus or pre-calculus courses are also good choices.

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