How to Attract Pigeons

There are over 300 species of pigeons, and many people enjoy watching them. You can learn to identify different breeds of pigeons, and observe the different behaviors they exhibit during mating, feeding and socializing. If you want to spend an afternoon watching pigeons, you will first need to attract them. The easiest way to attract pigeons is by providing food and shelter. You will soon find that you have plenty of pigeons to observe.

    Spread seeds or bread crumbs on the ground. Pigeons typically eat fruit and seeds, but will enjoy bread or pastries.

    Sit on a nearby bench quietly if you are at a park or other public spot. You will soon find some takers for your crumbs.

    Set a scheduled routine. Feed the birds at the same time every day. Pigeons are very structured birds and will return again and again at the same time if they expect food to be present.

    Wear clothing of the same color so the birds become accustomed to you. Pigeons have highly-developed eyesight and may be most comfortable with your presence if your appearance is consistent.

    Provide shelter. If you are attracting birds to your yard, provide a dovecote for them to roost. If you can persuade a couple to stay and nest, you’ll soon find permanent pigeon residents.

    Things You'll Need

    • Bird seed or bread crumbs
    • Dovecote


    • In some areas, feeding pigeons is against the law. Check your state and local statutes.

      A dovecote is a birdhouse made especially for pigeons. Small versions are typically made of wood and are mounted on a pole.


    • As with any animals, feed pigeons far away from picnic areas or anywhere that food is prepared. Animal droppings around food is always unsanitary. Wash hands thoroughly after being around pigeons and their droppings.

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