The Average Length of Mahi Mahi

The Average Length of Mahi Mahi
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Mahi-mahi, also know as the dolphin fish or dorado fish, are found in ocean waters all over the world. It is a colorful fish with bright iridescent gold and patches of blue and green. Mahi-mahi are predatory fish, feasting on many smaller species of sea life and quickly reaching maturity in just four to five months.


A popular cuisine throughout the world, the species spawns year-round. Due to its fast growth rate, the species remains resistant to overfishing. Living an average of five years, both female and male adults average around 34 to 55 inches.

Average Size

Males tend to live a bit longer and grow slightly faster than females, but once adults they average around the same size and weight. Mexfish, an online guide to sport fishing in Mexico, states that although "fish of less than 3 feet in length and less than 30 pounds are most common," they can reach up to 6 feet in length.

Varying Sizes

Growth rates will vary depending on the area in which the fish lives and the existing water temperatures. Some of the larger specimens have measured almost 7 feet, and the maximum recorded weight is around 88 pounds.

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